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“Ruven Kim Eventer” Production Company (before 2018 PROFI Entertainment) is the largest event-operator, acting in Israeli showbiz and entertainment sphere.

Ever since 2000, the Company has been applying its hands-on expertise in developing, organization and conducting turnkey premium-class events, namely:

  • large-scale, full-length concerts and shows of world stage stars;
  • unique fashion parties;
  • luxurious private celebrations and posh festivities, both open and closed, designated for Israeli high society reps, likewise for foreign celebrities (wedding parties, birthdays, social events and gala ball things);
  • workshops, seminars and teambuilding corporate happenings in Israel, meant for grand and substantial businesses from all over the world.

“Ruven Kim Eventer” Production Company is a huge mechanism, in which projects are developed by highly qualified experts, designers, marketers, advertisement managers, customer relations department, actors, anchorpersons, presenters, DJ’s, design engineering professionals, analysts, logisticians, creators. Any challenging assignment here has been tackled thoroughly and dealt with comprehensively: beginning from generation of some bright idea and up to directly carrying out the event in question. 

“Ruven Kim Eventer” Production Company is in charge of all the concerns in terms of turnkey projects arrangement of diverse complexity, during any season of the year, in any month, no matter whether it is day or night. It incarnates, puts into effect, makes your cherished dreams of an ideal event come true.

the beginning
profi entertainment

Back in 2000 Ruven Kim founded the “PROFI Entertainment” Production Company which became the largest event-operator ever in showbiz and entertainment sphere.

The most famous events and projects, initiated by Ruven Kim and the “PROFI Entertainment” Production Company are as such

private parties, full-fledged concerts and shows involving such mega stars, as Philipp Kirkorov, Lolita, Genady Khazanov, Valery Meladze, “Via GRA” (“Nu Virgos”) and “SEREBRO” bands, Yolka, Ivan Dorn, Dominic Joker, Max Barskikh, Jigan, “NeAngely”, “Quest Pistols”, “Bad Boys Blue”, Eddi Wata, “ALIBI”, “Boni M”, Loboda, “KAZKA”, to mention but a few.

Given below are the well-known and popular Israeli night clubs:

“Sova”, “Zamok”, “Powder”, “Shhitut”, “Escobar”, “Lansky”, “Luxor”, “Crystal”, “Velvet”, “Rocco-lounge”, “Rio”, “MANDY’S by the River”, “Oxford”, “Baroccobar” and so on and so forth.

VIP-Tours to Health Resorts: 

“Gold Weekend Eilat” is a glamorous brand name that stands for elite visiting tours (exclusive beach entourage, crowd shindig parties aboard swell yachts, stylish pool chill-outs, fashionable MTV style hangouts, – from dawn till dusk to the tune of prominent DJ’s mix sets). 

Social Events:

“New Year’s Eve Gala Ball Thing” is considered one of the magnificent, large-scale social events, which has already been gathering high society “top-drawer” guests worldwide for 17 years. It comprises enchanting show programs, culinary and gourmet masterpieces together with the authentic festive mood, – all that on the most prestigious and renowned Tel-Aviv sites.

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complete services

You put forth a task – we are responsible for your desired event preparation, organization, control, administering and final embodiment!

time saver

We are knowledgeable of the existent tendencies and trends in the up-to-date entertainment market. It enables us to choose quite easily the best proposal out of the top ones offered. We weave a holiday for you whereas your job is to relish and savor the end result!

small details

Any event’s general mosaic consists of minute trivia. In your festivity puzzle all its components and parts will definitely meet: starting with the very stage of invitations and up to the last second of the feast!

any wish

We make your dreams come true! As soon as you feel like having something that seems to you absolutely infeasible, please share your concern and doubt with us, and, most likely, we might come up with some fresh readymade solution!

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