The upcoming year has been announced diamond – it is high time to shine!

We have been conducting unique authentic celebrations of the New Year in Israel, already for 18 years, however, this time we have surpassed ourselves – as we have prepared the most glamorous show program ever, as well as the royal gala dinner for our guests.

“New Year 2023 High Society Fancy Ball”
Diamond Edition is as follows:

  • brand new whereabouts with cozy location at the territory of the Diamond Stock Exchange, in the heart of the most fashionable Israeli metropolis;
  • a spacious hall, designated for 600 seats and decorated in compliance with up-to-date European Décor premium luxury New Year stylistics;
  • a chill out authentic area in the posh lobby with buffet tables and authors’ cocktails;
  • an exclusive New Year menu from Avi Shtinitz, in addition to a breathtaking carte des vins for the most demanding gourmets and connoisseurs; 
  • a grand show program led by Evgeny Bulka the Entertainer will catch both men’s and women’s fancy;
  • Father Frost and Snow Maid, beloved since childhood, will help you see the old year off and greet the upcoming new one correctly;
  • music specialty: trend hits in vogue, classical and jazz pieces of arts performed live by MOMENTS group, smashing modern hits performed by popular singers, DJ mix sets by DJ George Airbullet;
  • brilliant audience – diplomats, business elite, celebrities, cultural cream of the crops, journalists, top fashion models, jeunesse doree;
  • a rich kaleidoscope of non-trivial entertainment, Champagne rain, snow fireworks, dizzying laser show and unleashed gaiety!

“New Year 2023 High Society Fancy Ball Diamond Edition” must be celebrated in full swing! 

It is high time for you to shine!

countdown to
New Year's Celebration
the most wanted Israeli band
“MOMENTS Entertainment”
  • The band consists of 30 musicians, singers and performers, singing in ten world languages.
  • “MOMENTS BAND” was acknowledged as one of the best representatives of the international pop-stage.
  • The band is so demanded that it is much more complicated to get to its concerts in Israel, than in London, Monte Carlo, Wien or New York – after all, its concert tour schedule is busy for two years ahead.
  • But on this New Year’s Eve “MOMENTS BAND” will play just for you at XII New Year High Society Fancy Ball. 
evgeniy bulka & lyudmila kosaya

*  An announcer of the evening, a famous TV and radio presenter and anchorman.

special guest:
Sasha Savelieva
(ex-солистка гр. «Фабрика») с новой программой.
  • You are going to be admitted to the genuine world of magic through introduction of the most impressive illusion show of the world concert grounds.
  • A fabulous performance, full of immediate switch of bright and motley costumes, accompanied by passionate tunes and the art of dance.
  • One of the most popular dance groups of the country, whose competitive edge has been characterized by unexpected choreography and its second to none style, extravaganza of emotions, innovative and creative approach, mix of theater, music and dance.
  • Climbing into a glass box with a height of only  48 cm, even if you are a very flexible yogi, is not an easy task. With growth of 186 cm – the task is complicated at times! But our hero Roman Krikheli could – and got into the Guinness Book of Records!
  • The famous magician-illusionist Mikhail Kopilevich will show magic that borders on a miracle
  • “Minute of Glory” TV program winners mesmerize the audience with their breathtaking fire show and acrobatic tricks.
  • The eternal unchanging New Year holiday characters, whose appearance in public will immediately remind you of your childhood, while nostalgic notes will sound in your soul and your faith in wonders will wake up.
  • They will animate you with crazy life energy, expressed via Brazilian dances, bright and motley costumes, indefatigable beat and storm of passion.
rhythms by
Popular DJs of Israel
  • True experts, keen on music compilations, will initiate the fashionable style of the holiday on New Year’s Eve, taking care of the dance portion of the party, full of drive, from 2 o’clock a.m. until dawn.

FESTIVE RECEPTION with live jazz band music by

At 9 pm an exclusive welcoming with 6 counters full of delightful appetizers from the chef AVI SHTINITZ kitchen that will awake your appetite on the eve of a wonderful party.
Rich lobby bar (open throughout the evening) with a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks for each taste and without limitation!
When you fully enjoy the culinary delights at 10:30 pm you are moving to the main festive hall, where the New Year Performance, show program and Gala dinner party will begin.

On the table
Cold Appetizers
Intermediate Course
Main Course
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NEW YEAR’S GALA BALL 2023 – Diamond edition at Dmall Platinum

שימו לב!
• קוד לבוש אלגנטי בלבד DRESS CODE BLACK TIE
• אורח שהגיע בלבוש ספורטיבי ולא מסודר לא יורשה להיכנס וכספו לא יוחזר!
• אין החזר כספי לאחר רכישת כרטיסים מתאריך 10.12.2022
• במידה וחברת ההפקות תסכים לבטל עסקה יישלם המזמין דמי ביטול בסך 50% מערך הכרטיס!
• חברת ההפקות שומרת זכות לשנות בכל רגע תנאי האירוע או מחיר כניסה בלי הודעה מוקדמת.
• חברת הפקות משאירה לעצמה את הזכות לשנות מספר שולחן, בהזמנה של פחות מ-6 איש ( אבל בהתאם לקטגוריה של הזמנה והסכום).
• עם חתימתך על מסמך שנשלח אלך באת קניית כרטיס כניסה לאירוע, הנך מסכים כי חברת “ראובן קים אבנטר” תעשה שימוש בפרטיך לצורך משלוח הודעות תוכן פרסומי. הנך רשאי בכל שלב לבטל את הסכמתך זו.
• מספר שולחן סופי ישלח ללקוח בסמס לפני האירוע , כמו כן בכניסה לאולם יחולקו פתקים עם מספר מדויק של השולחן.
• החברה לא מתחייבת לכיסא ספציפי, אלה למספר שולחן בלבד!
• לקוח לא רשאי על דעת עצמו לשנות מספרו של השולחן שנקבע לו מראש. במקרא כזה הנהלת האירוע רשאית להוצאתו מחוץ למתחם האירוע.
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