31/12/18 - newyears event
what we did

The 2019 New Year’s eve celebration was hosted by the banquette hall “OCEAN CITY HALL”, located in the fashionable neighborhood of North Tel-Aviv, where all the key municipal events would be usually held.

  • Flickering garlands, hall interior décor, compliant to Europe’s best traditions and customs, contributed to the unforgettable festive atmosphere of the city’s primary night;
  • 600 people together with Father Frost (Ded Moroz) and Snow Maid (Snegurochka) greeted the upcoming New 2019 Year;
  • Tasty culinary delights, worthy of the most demanding gourmets and connoisseurs, were prepared for the guests by the reputed chef MAX FERNANDO;
  • A renowned TV and radio announcer Pavel Margulyan catered for the exclusive show program entertainment;
  • Circus tricks, acrobatic sketches, dance performances, live sound – all this outrageous and rampant gaiety until dawn was made by Big Ben “Shhakim”, Sky High band, Dance Magic show group, Pole Dance, Circus Y, Morango the Brazilian band, DJ’s George Airbullet and Mike Tsoff.
11/4/19 - live concert by KAZKA & NeAngely
what we did

KAZKA and “NeAngely” – a music’n’dance world level megaproject – live sound, numerous special effects and brand new stars of nowadays!

  • A joint large-scale concert of the Ukrainian pop stars Kazka and “NeAngely”, going global, was conducted in Israel for the first time, as part and parcel of the KAZKA band circumnavigation tour.
  • The aforementioned stunning performance of the two Ukrainian scoops took place on the most well-known Tel-Aviv concert stage “Reading 3”;
  • Around 1,000 people, Israeli jeunesse doree reps, experienced a breathtaking drive, memorable due to a famous pop-singer Ivan Dorn’s and superstar Svetlana Loboda’s sensational shows;
  • Private party extravagant spirit, drama theater expression, stadium scale and concert hall sound;

It was much more than just a mere concert: within one night fans witnessed two grand shows of Kazka and “NeAngely” bands, breaking bad at the dancing marathon between the two stars’ performances, to the tune of DJ George Airbullet’s and DJ Mike Tsoff’s mix sets

05/30/17 - live concert by LOBODA
what we did

Men’s rare treat and women’s role model – an unprecedented show by sex appealing singer Svetlana Loboda.

“VIA Gra” ex-soloist, now performing solo, succeeded in expressing her tremendous creative potential and overwhelming creativity, having turned pretty fast into one of the most sought after artists, both in Ukraine and throughout the world. This fascinating winner of many prestigious music awards, “Eurovision 2009” participant has always attracted an increased interest on the part of mass media and public.

  • an incredibly talented, sexy, passionate and incendiary singer Svetlana Loboda performed in Israel for the first time in her life;
  • the unbelievable breakthrough drive occurred on dance floors of the famous Tel-Aviv concert hall Reading 3;
  • 1,000 viewers and spectators happened to see and hear something totally unique, bright and memorable;
  • Loboda’s mighty voice alongside her unrepeatable and adorable manner of performance, her virtuoso flexibility, together with her megahits combined in tandem with the country’s top DJ’s, thus, resulting in the party concert exceptional format.
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