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We arrange turnkey premium-class business events: corporate workshops, conferences and teambuilding sessions for large-scale businesses.

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we do
  • develop the event concept; 
  • determine stylistic and color solution for the project, compliant to the corporate style;
  • compile a detailed fiscal estimate and distribute budgets reasonably;
  • present a catalogue of proven experienced performers and entertainment items (emoluments determination, realization of hospitality and technical riders, transfers etc.);
  • submit a catalogue of the executive staff, including the following professionals: designers, design construction engineers, scriptwriters, stage directors, photographers, videographers, catering servicemen etc.);
  • provide all the accompanying media services required (i.e. building press walls, distribution of branded handouts, media reports, preparation of personal gifts, making corporate films etc.).
we find
  • We provide a database of grounds per any types of corporate, as well as private events.
  • We rent halls / restaurants / hotels / any other grounds, in compliance with the event concept or according to individual priorities.
we deal
  • We select and coordinate the most convenient flight options, in accordance with departure and arrival dates, flight timeframe and costs.
  • We put together, make up a list of all the formal documents required, and assist in their processing (entry visas, tickets, apostille and translation of official foreign documentation, if necessary).
  • We take care of precise timing and accuracy; in cases of annoying overlaps caused by various circumstances and occurring for reasons beyond our control, we care for all the event participants’ comfortable conditions and convenience.
we find
  • We shall spare all the event participants from the necessity to deal with search and reservation of accommodation.
  • We shall select inns, hotels, apartments, likewise the rest of grounds, compliant to the event concept or pursuant to personal preferences and priorities in any place worldwide.
  • We shall provide ultimate accommodation for the event participants – from a single room up to a presidential suite.
  • We offer extremely beneficial reservation terms and conditions at the most reasonable budget prices.
we arrange
  • We provide a multi-purpose and helpful personal assistant for anyone who will be in need of such.
  • We provide transfer, an escort vehicle, an individual driver, a test drive.
  • We shall rid you of worries, which are even though irrelevant to the event, yet quite important and significant for you (e.g. ordering a bouquet of flowers via courier, picking up a suit from dry cleaner’s or separating yellow sweets from a package of colorful ones – just delegate this responsibility to the aforementioned resource person).
we plan
  • We arrange and hold thematically and logistically appropriate excursions and tours, visiting exhibitions, galleries, museums and other sightseeing destinations and tourist attractions.
  • We are committed to excellence in creating an authentic atmosphere and will demonstrate the non-touristic appearance of the location, where you sojourn.
we organize
  • We set up and organize any kinds of corporate events, teambuilding sessions, workshops and seminars, presentations, conferences, exhibitions and trade shows, master classes, press tours, business trainings, business receptions etc. 
  • We carry out any types of services, pursuant to hospitality and technical riders.
  • We intend to provide an informational and entertainment related content.
  • We manage the artistic / entertainment related / informational activities.
  • We arrange formal permits and licenses, needed to provide all the above-indicated services.
  • We provide a comprehensive, turnkey event level.
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We make the ideas come true. Even if you wish something that seems completely infeasible, please share your concern and doubt with us, and, most likely, we might come up with some fresh readymade solution.

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